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October 24 2017

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one of the funniest things about last night’s ride along was that while roman was speaking to the literal chairman of the board and owner of WWE, Vince McMahon, after an incredible victory over Cena… 

these fucking boys [seth & dean] were yelling things at him from down the driveway.. being so rowdy because roman wasn’t with them yet.

and that is honestly the most Shieldesque brotherly thing they could’ve done 
[plus we got one shot of ro looking down the driveway to where they were at cuz they were making so much noise]

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If you think I’m gonna post every picture of Hanzo from the art book… You’re absolutely right

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On April 24 2010, during the height of the Mexican drug war, the so called Templar Nights (Caballeros Templarios) drug cartel launched an ambush against the armored car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, of the at the time Secretary of Public Security of the State of Michoacán, Minerva Bautista Gómez, after using a truck to block its path.

The criminals fired over 350 rounds at the car, using weapons like G3 battle rifles, AK-series and AR-15 assault rifles, a .50 Barret anti-material rifle and 40mm grenades, but the car, boasting Level 5 ballistic protection armor, withstood the attack, allowing the survival of the secretary herself, and all but two of her bodyguards, killed after they attempted to return fire, where no complete round managed to pierce the armored plates nor glass, just some fragments.

Two more bystanders died in the attack, and as revenge for failing to kill Mrs. Bautista, the Templarios murdered the mechanic behind the armoring of the car. 

The car now stands inside the company that armored it, as a trophy of the quality of their work.


Holy shit.

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Roman ‘let me caress your arm’ Reigns

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The part where Dean was just so fascinated and impressed by the fact that Seth now has land/acreage

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Seth “how did y’all last so long without me” Rollins

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Dean is me when I’m eating fries

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@simulated-heat requested: roman + talking about his encounter with blue


i want to be untouchably beautiful but i also don’t want to care about how i look. i want to be the top of my class but i also just want to do as best as i can without driving myself to the edge. i want to be floating and ethereal but i want to be solid, dangerous. a mystery that’s open to everybody. a romantic that never falls in love. the bird and the cat both.

October 23 2017

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As a 90′s kid, it blows my mind that origami youtube videos exist. You can look up any model and watch a pair of manicured hands assemble the thing in real time, in full color, in 3D, with cheerful flute music in the background. When I was little, you had a library book with no words and these esoteric little dotted lines and arrows and it was just you, your hands, your paper, and the cruel, uncaring eyes of God.


honestly pablo picasso was a bitch but this vase is kickin


for once I thought tumblr’s porn icon pixelation actually worked

but it was this


me about to show a genuine emotion to another human being

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is everyone who reblogged this okay?

no :(

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